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Biography White Dmitry (D. White)

Singer, musician, actor of musicals.
Honored artist of Russia (2013).
Lives in Moscow (Russia).27.01.1975 was born in the city of Sverdlovsk (now Yekaterinburg), USSR.

Childhood years.

Dmitry's mother is a professional cellist, and little Dima often watched his mother from behind the scenes of the Sverdlovsk Philharmonic, and this scene was familiar to him from an early age.

At the age of 4 Dima, directly from kindergarten led to the preparatory class of the music school by his grandmother. Despite such a small age, the teachers took up the training of the child and a year later advised parents to send their son to a specialized musical school.

At the age of 5 Dima has passed its first serious audition and despite the age, teacher Blinowska Svetlana Pavlovna dared to take to her class of piano as a young student and as it turned out later, the risk was justified.

Training was easy and at the age of 8 Dima participated in Philharmonic concerts playing the piano.

At the age of 10, Dima starts singing in parallel and three years later enters the stage of The children's theater as a singer in the children's musical production "Life is a party". Then there were a number of musical performances in which Dmitry took part. That's when Dmitry had an understanding of what he wants to do in life.

First album
At the age of 14, Dmitry was offered the first contract with the recording company "NP-records (New Projects)", where at that time such well-known bands and performers as "Nautilus Pompilius", "Agata Christie", Vladislav Agafonov, Vladimir Presnyakov, Christina Orbakayte, etc.were recorded. However, the contract was signed only two years later, as Dmitry's mother was categorically against his conclusion, due to the fact that he had to study.

At the age of 16, Dima signed a contract with NP-records and started recording his first album "Loneliness", which lasted almost a year and ended with the release of a CD with a circulation of 10,000 copies. The album includes 20 songs as of Dmitry Bely and other authors, such as Hope Kachurina, Olga Lebedeva (author of songs for Alla Pugacheva, Natalya Sturm, Lolita Milavskaya, Natalia Vetlitskaya).

It was the first joint work of Dmitry and arranger and sound engineer Oleg Zuev, who worked with many Russian pop stars.

Songs from this album begin to sound in radio stations. The first interviews appear in the Newspapers. In parallel, Dmitry finishes school (1992), and enters the music school named after P. I. Tchaikovsky in Yekaterinburg in the class of specialty "vocal" Gurevich V.B. (training in 1992-1996).

In the mid of 90-ies of XX century Dmitry Bely successfully toured the country and completed work on the second album
"Kamlania" recorded in the Studio "NP-records" together with Sulitsina Anna (Soulya ID) and Maxim Vasilev (Master of dreams)
working and durable friendship continues to this day.CD "Kamlania" includes 12 songs, written specially for Dmitry by his
friend Evgeny Yasov and was the first copyrighted material of Anna Sulitsina, who acted not only as a composer but also arranger
and backing vocalist. The album was a one-man show, in which one theme and song emerged from the previous one,
immersing the listener to the fairtale world of the country imagened by the authors, inspired by the works of such groups as
Deep Forest, Enigma, Enya, Alphaville. The album was released with a total circulation of 20,000 copies and was commercially successful.

In 1996 Dmitry Bely entered the Russian Academy of Music (RAM). Gnessin state musical College on a speciality "Music art"
in class A. B. Gradskiy and finishes the RAM with the red diploma in 2000, finally moved to Moscow.

In 2001, Dmitry is casting in "Stage Entertainment", the company for the production and rental of musicals and goes on an internship first in Italy, and then in the United States, where he takes a direct part in Broadway musicals, such as" West side story","the lion King"," Aladdin " and "Zorro".
In 2005, Dmitry Bely returned to Russia, where he continued to work in "Stage Entertainment" and participated in Russian productions of popular American musicals.

In 2013 Dmitry Bely was awarded the title "Honored artist of Russia".
At the end of 2013 Dmitry Bely resumed his solo career and together with his long-time friends and colleagues Maxim Vasiliev and Anna Sulitsina began work on a solo project in the style of Italo Disco under the creative pseudonym "D. White" for the label ZYX (Germany).

The first song of this project "All the story is history" (music by Maxim Vasiliev, words by Elena Vovk) immediately after the mixing 09.01 2014, was aired radio station "STAD DEN HAAG" (Netherlands) and quickly got to the top of the European charts in the segment of Italo Disco new Generation and for a long time did not give up positions. At the end of January of the same year Dmitry Bely made a video for the song "All the story is history" directed by co-producer and concert Director of the singer Alexander Efimov.

In April 2014, ZYX released a CD compilation, which included the single "All the story is history". A little later was released a collection of BOOTMIX which entered the mix version of the song from DJ Manual Rios (Mexico).

In may 2014 Dmitry recorded the second song for D. White project - "No connect" to music by Maks Vasiliev and lyrics by Elena Vovk. The vocal recording was done by Konstantin Lelyukhin. The song from the very birth began to live its own life, after the refusal of the company ZYX to release it in the next collection and accidentally gone to the Internet, immediately flew on the online radio stations in Poland and quickly rised the lines of the hit parades. Later, ZYX changed its decision and the single would still be included in the CD collection, released in November 2014.

Also, in may 2014, it was began the work on the song-ballad "In the sky" by composer and singer Margarita Semenova (M@rgO). In the summer of 2014, a video for the song "In the sky", with vocals recording by K. Lelyukhin, sound producer R. Yankelevich (ROST). which premiere was on October 14, 2014. The song also became a long-lived top charts in Poland, Mexico, Germany, Serbia, Croatia, Bulgaria, Argentina, the Netherlands and even China.

Having got acquainted in a network Dmitry and Margarita quickly found a common language. Their creative Union continues to this day.

By the end of 2014, CD collections with D. White song singles released in Russia by Russian companies also appeared. The songs are played on FM radio stations in Argentina, Latvia, Mexico and others.

In January 2015, Dmitry wrote in the Studio "Master of Dreams" 11 songs for the project D. White together with Maks Vasilyev and Anne of Sulitsina in the words of Stas Obukhov, Tatiana Pivovarova, Elena Vovk and Margarita Semenova. The vocals for the song "Stand for the world" were also recorded, and performed by Dmitry JAZZZ Vasilyev DIGITALO (Russia), Tiziana Rivale (Italy), Raffaelle Fiume (Italy),Soulya (Russia), Gianfranco Felli (Italy), Dima Tua (Russia), Irina Makarova 2XS (Russia) on the words of Anna Michelle Fly (Russia) and the music of Maks Vasiliev.

In the spring and summer of 2015, videos for the songs " One wish "(premiere 08.03.2015)," Only you and me "(premiere 23.07.2015) were produced, then there were going songs " Forgive me "(premiere September 2015)," Follow me","One day". In September 2015, the next CD collection of the company ZYX was released, which included the single"One wish".

On January 2016 at the master of Dreams Studio Dmitry recorded two new songs "Generous love" and "December"

March, 4
Polish label A51m Productions released Maxi single of D. White - Follow Me

June, 5
the release of D. White's first solo album" One Wish " in CD format.
August D. White's single disc "Devil's Plan" is released in CD format.

September, 13
Publication of the first official collection of projects of the team MaN Records in the format of an audio cassette "ITALO DISCO from MAN RECORDS Vol.One"
Especially for collectors and listerners of the Euro and Italo disco some of the tracks issued for the first time! And all with improved sound!

December, 15
Premiere of the Ticket tonight song. For the first time there were immediately several versions, including a version of the song in RUSSIAN.