Master of dreams

Maxim Vasiliev

Maxim Vasiliev - Musician, arranger, composer, sound producer.

He was born in the North of the Urals, in Severouralsk, with 5 years began playing the piano, he studied at the music school in the class of domra, but left it in the last year, because began to be interested in the creation of pop music in the local culture club and it was more interesting than to learn music in school.

After the army he worked as an auto-crane operator, earned a lot, but the desire to create music forced to quit this and in 1996 to go to Ekaterinburg, because Severoural'sk technically had not an opportunity to create music. Into that time it was a group with a childhood friend Slava Zaytsev (now he sings chanson under alias Slava Isetskiy Junior) under the title Master of dreams.

In Yekaterinburg, working on Studio NP (New Projects under the leadership of Viktor Zaitsev) met Anna Soulitsyna, having 20 years of common working.

In 2013, I learned about ZYX from a friend, a music lover, who said that now there is a project ZYX Italo Disco New Generation, and that its possible to send a demo, which was done. Thanks to Janusz Longdrink, for several years, songs created by "Master of Dreams" were published on ZYX. Since 2017 "Master of Dreams" is available at the site Bandcamp.

Anna Soulitsyna (Soulya ID)

Anna Soulitsyna (Soulya ID) Musician, composer, arranger, singer with a powerful voice, surprisingly beautiful timbre, vocal teacher in the Yekaterinburg Theater Institute, art Director the creative Studio of EMERCOM of Russia, Ekaterinburg.

It is interesting that Anna is the author of one of the variants of the anthem of the Sochi Olympic games 2014, the winner of the Auto radio competition. Later this anthem was recorded by singer Valeria.

She is author of many songs of D. White, in most of the songs being the backing vocals.

A few years ago, there were solo songs in the project Italo-disco wih her name Soulya ID.

Tatiana Pivovarova

Tatiana Pivovarova is teacher of English of the first education, economist of the second, poet on calling, and also bookworm, an avid a traveler, an adherent of proper food and permanent self-improvement.

Hobbies-are travelling, cooking, reading. Loves creativity and humor in all it's forms.

Gentle likes music, especially what is now called retro. For three years. works in D. White project. The author of such lyrics D. White, as: Follow me, My everything, December, Generous love, Walking, Ticket tonight (English and Russian versions)

And. .. do not stop there 🙂

Place of residence at the moment is Moscow region and although heart is in homeland, which is Yamal. The main work is teaching children English. In free time a lot and productive writing is going. Having diplomas of various competitions, as well as a grant of the head of the district for creative successes.

M@rgo (Margarita Semenova)

M@rgo (Margarita Semenova) composer, singer is linked with music since childhood-since the piano came into the house. After mother heard that 5 year old daughter plays Russian folk song without knowing the notes, it was decided to send Rita to music school. She wrote her first composition at the age of 8. Seriously she started thinking about my musical career after the Institute of Management.

While studying at the University she took part in many music competitions, and she also dealt with organizational issues ("New Wave","Eurovision"). One time she worked as radiohost in one of the Internet radio.

The first professional song "Clouds" under the stage name M@rgo was recorded in the summer 2011 (release on Amazone and iTunes 11.10.2012).

The song "Running Away" written in collaboration with Michael Nolen was presented at the end of December 2012 and the official single was released in April 2013. Composition instantly hit the charts in Germany, Serbia, Poland, England, sounded on many radio stations of the country. In may 2014 it was recorded song IN the SKY, duet song D. White and M@rgo, and in summer video-shooting of the video for this song started. General sound producer of this romantic ballad became ROST. The video premiere of this song took place on October 14, 2014.

M@rgo continues to cooperate with D. White, the song "Forgive me" was recorded on words and music by M@rgo. Now mastering of this song in Canada is finishing and its premiere is expecting in 2018.

Besides this, radio Saturn FM came out several programs copyright M@rgo, devoted to the work of D. White.


Michael Nolen (Roman Petukhov)

Michael is a songwriter, arranger, producer, backing vocalist and singer, organizer of musical Internet team "MaN Records", working in styles Euro and Italo disco. (

Born on January 11, 1992 in Rybinsk, Yaroslavl region. Higher education is law. His activity now is realization of business projects.

At the age of 13, he wrote his first song in English, inspired by songs and melodies of Modern Talking.

Since 18 years old he writes his own music to the texts.

In 2009, for the effective creation and promotion of songs, a decision was made to create a team of like-minded musicians who share musical tastes. On today MaN Records consists of Michael Nolen, Alexander Bez, ROST, CHITO, Nikita Fomin, the Crosslines, Bee Lee, Amelie Divine, Victor Plotnikov, Heaven42 and others. Team members are spread across different cities and countries, which does not prevent them to release qualitive songs and releases.

The most famous songs of the Roman:

-Nikita Fomin “Stranger”, “My Paradise-Your Hell”
-Michael Nolen “You Try, You Choose”, “Only Believing”
-CHITO – “This Is Our Night”, “One More Chance”
-The Crosslines – “Tomorrow Is Another Day”, “Tired Of Waiting”
-Loreana C. – “Dangerous Love”
-D. White feat. Soulya ID – “Devi’s Plan”

While in the army, in the summer of 2014, Roman first heard the song "All the Story Is History", but for a long time could not understand, who is behind this song. When he found out that it's a Russian team, the idea to write song to Dmitry White came wich later was called "Devil's Plan". The song was released in the summer of 2016, and in 2017 single of the same name was released on CD via label Italo Box Music.

Igor Fadeev

Igor Fadeev was born in the city Sverdlovsk. In parallel with high school he was graduated from art school.

After the army he worked as a property man and decorator in Ekaterinburg youth Theatre.

Then he became the operator of prime-on radio "Nostalgie" and "Echo Moscow." Since 2000 and till present he is designer of printing.

In Master of Dreams he is responsible for the design of projects.

Alexander Efimov

Alexander Efimov - entertainer conversational genre with specialization compering, laureate of several artists contests.



1997 - 2001 Rumyantsev State School of Circus and Variety Arts, Moscow, the variety department, specialty entertainer spoken genre, compering specialization 1992 -1997 Komsomolsk-na-Amure State Pedagogical University, faculty of history, teacher of history and socio-political disciplines specialty.

Additional education

2000 Education In the school-studio "Ostankino" program TV and radio presenter

1995-1997 FDPP KGPU specialty "Organizer of youth free time"

1993 -1995 FDPP KGPU specialty "Director of theatrical club"

1991-1997 actor "theater of Youthful Creativity»

1988-1991-actor of the theater of miniatures "Micro" and the Theater of Young Spectator "Experiment"



Shooting in advertising, in TV programs "Moment of truth" (TNT, 1999), "For health" (RTR, 2000),"Big Laundry" (ORT, 2001), "Be ready!" (M-1, 2001), "People against "(RenTV, 2003), "Moscow. Instructions for use" (TNT, 2003), "Nostalgia" (TVC, 2004), "Mirror of life" (TDK, 2005), "Youth issue" (Capital, 2008), "Let's get married" (channel One, 2011), "Family matters" (Domashniy, 2011), "Time will tell" (channel One, 2014-2016),"let's divorce" (Domashniy, 2014-2016). "Popular truth" (U-TV, 2015), "Investigation conducted with Leonid Kanevsky" (NTV, 2015) "Good morning" (channel One, 2016), "Reboot" (TNT, 2016), " Double standards» (NTV, 2016)," Solved " (Che, 2017) Films and TV series: "Proceeding of doctors" (NTV, 2014), "Diary of a psychic with Fatima Khadueva" (TV-3, 2016), "Зroceeding of SUR" (Internet, 2015), "Seven sins "(2016)," Insomnia" (2017).

Since 1991-the author-the screenwriter, the Director, the leading of festive and

presentation event.

Since 1997-the organizer of private and corporate events.

Since 2014-producer, concert Director of singer D. White.

The Director of D. White clips, as well as the actor took part in the filming clips':

D. White: "In the sky" (2014)

D. White: "Only you and me "(2015)

D. White: "December" (2016)

Dmitry Bely

Dmitry Bely professional singer, honored artist of Russia.

He has higher musical education (Russian Academy of music named after Gnesin, variety art Department, the course of Alexander Gradsky. Tenor-Altino).

On the stage since 1992. He performed at all prestigious concert areas in Russia and CIS countries.

In 2006-2011 – actor of musicals of "StageEntertainment", the company's production and rent musicals around the world. Participated in musicals "Beauty and the beast", "Mamma Mia", "Zorro" and others. He worked in Russia, USA and Italy.

Since 2014 he is participant of the European project Italo Disco New Generation under the name D. White with music in the style of ITALO DISCO, the songs are included in the tops of this direction, and are in rotation on radio stations in Germany, UK, Netherlands, Serbia, Croatia, Poland, Baltic States, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, etc..

In 2017 D. White's solo album "One Wish"was released in Europe.