About project

The purpose of this project is to enable Russian-speaking audience, in any part of the world it could be to obtain the fullest possible picture about what is sung in these amazing songs. At the beginning of acquaintance with these, I'm not afraid of this word, chic material was strongly surprised from the abscence of translations of songs into Russian.

After more songs were listened to, it became obvious how much opportunities do they give for the demonstration of the impression of what was heard, which resulted to to the idea of video clips creating wich with the current level of technology was not diffucult at all.

Texts were typed for the clips and gathered a certain amount of material that wanted to be collected somewhere.

So there was an idea of creating a website.

If to say about Russian translation, being a professional translator, I decided to fill this gap.

Also, the site would seem incomplete without a visual representation of the artist and therefore, some pages contain photos from the official page of the artist VKontakte

Its very nice to see so many clips for these songs and its a strong wish to demonstrate here those wich are more pleaseant as it seems to the site author.

So, if you have clips you are welcome to send them here. You will find e-mail at the page Contacts.

And, of course, new songs are followed and new texts will appear very soon after their release.

Naturally, all rights to the materials belong to their authors.