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Ticket tonight


Для этой песни есть оригинальная русская версия

Ticket tonight
Music: M.Vasilyev Lyrics: T.Pivovarova

I am damnably sorry
But I'm not Johnny Depp.
Babe, you don't have to worry,
You are not in a trap.
You will meet someone better,
You will smile every day.
And I'll send you a letter
Just to say I'm Ok

I'll buy a ticket tonight and take my shabby guitar with me
I'm not alone anyway, my music is what I really see.
I'll buy a ticket tonight and take my favourite songs with me
It's like freewheeling now but I need to flee.

I came short of your vision.
Tell me, who is to blame?
Didn't like my decision?
It's a terrible shame.
Why should I be pretending
Who you want me to be?
You provoked the ending.
Let me also be free!


                                               премьера - 15.12.2017